When possible, we try to notify our water customers if there is going to be a service outage. We are discovering that many people now have cell phones and have abandoned the land line that we have on file. To be sure we can contact you in case of a utility emergency, send an email to with your current phone number. 

Accepting Applications for AWC Center for Quality Communities Scholarship Fund

The City of Stevenson is now accepting applications for the AWC Center for Quality Communities Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is available through a statewide competitive process for students who are actively engaged in their city government and/or community and plan to attend post-secondary school in fall 2018. To be eligible, a student must be a Washington resident, graduating from high school, home school or receiving a GED in spring/summer 2018; plan to continue their education at an accredited college or trade school in the 2018-2019 academic year on a half-time or more basis; and been involved with a city government or with a community/school leadership activity. Information and application materials can be obtained here ( CFQCApplication2018 ) or Completed applications are due no later than March 2, 2018. Submit completed materials to: City of Stevenson Attention: Leana Johnson PO Box 371 Stevenson, WA 98648   The Center for Quality Communities promotes municipal leadership development and civic engagement. The Center’s goal is to develop a broad public understanding of the important role of cities and towns play in Washington. The Center is a 501(c)(3) organization. CFQCScholarshipInformationalFlyer2018


It’s time to renew or apply for a vacation rental license. Click here for the 2018 Vacation Rental License Application Packet. Jump to our complete business licensing information page here.


The City Council  adopted new rates for water and sewer services and connection fees. For copies of the complete ordinances, click <here for water>, <here for sewer>, and <here for connection fees>. The monthly minimum for customers with water and sewer increased from $49.45 to $69.31. The monthly consumption allowance (400 cu ft) and the charge for excess water ($.039/cu ft) did not change. All customers with sewer service who have not requested an inspection will notice a new $10 fee for Downspout/Sump Pump Connection. This fee can be removed from the customer’s billing if the City is able to verify that the structure’s rain or groundwater collection systems are not being routed to the sewer system. Also, there is relief for  low income seniors that demonstrate income and age eligibility. A 6 month moratorium <ordinance detail available here> was imposed on new Commercial connections that would adversely impact BOD & TSS levels for the sewage treatment plant; new residential connections are allowed and not limited by the moratorium.


Have you registered to receive emergency notifications? Visit to register cell phones. This is the best way to insure you will receive important Reverse 911 updates.