Weekend Bus to Dog Mountain Trailhead

Planning a Dog Mountain hike? The $2 round-trip, weekends only shuttle runs from the Skamania County Fairgrounds to the Dog Mountain trailhead Apr 15 through Jun 18. For more details and the complete schedule, <click here>.

Zoning Code in New Format Now Available

In Feb 2017 the City Council passed an ordinance reformatting the Zoning code in an effort to make the regulations more user friendly. Many sections are now available at a glance in table format. The staff report and new format is available here until it is incorporated into the published municipal code.

Vacation Rental License Registrations & Renewals Due

Properties within the City Limits being offered as vacation rentals require a City Vacation Rental License. Licenses expired 12/31/16. Information about vacation rentals and a complete application packet are available here.