Pickup of Ice Storm Debris For City Residents Continues/Free Wood Chips Available

Tue Mar 21, 2017 Columbia Tree Service is nearly finished chipping the curbside woody debris for properties that were placed on the list by the Feb 20th deadline. Didn’t get on the list? You might still get your material chipped by contacting Underwood Conservation District about their mobile chipping program. We are no longer offering free wood chip delivery.  Free load-it-yourself wood chips are still available 24/7 to the general public from the temporary stockpile in the vacant parking lot next to Rock Creek (east of the sewage treatment plant located at 686 SW Rock Creek Drive). If interested, please, help yourself!

Now Hiring Public Works Department

The City of Stevenson currently has two job openings. Applications for a permanent, full-time Utilities/Maintenance Worker position are due by 5:00 PM Monday, 4/3/2017. Applications for a temporary Public Works Maintenance position are due by 5:00 PM Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Complete details and the application packets for both positions are available here.

Zoning Code in New Format Now Available

At the February 16th City Council meeting, an ordinance reformatting the Zoning code was passed in an effort to simplify and make the regulations more user friendly. Many sections are now available at a glance in table format. The staff report and new format is available here until it is incorporated into the published municipal code.

Vacation Rental License Registrations & Renewals Due

Properties within the City Limits being offered as vacation rentals require a City Vacation Rental License. Licenses expired 12/31/16. Information about vacation rentals and a complete application packet are available here.

Downtown Street Trees

The City hired Columbia Tree Service to work on the downtown corridor street trees damaged by the ice storm. The company trimmed or removed individual trees based on the arborist’s professional recommendation. When conditions are suitable, trees will be replaced in accordance with the City’s Downtown Street Tree Plan prepared in March 2009 by J D Walsh & Associates Landscape Architects.