The Queen of the West Docks at Stevenson Landing

This phase concludes the City’s portion of the SMP update and prepares the final record for submittal, review and approval by Ecology, including 1) the adopted SMP, 2) complete of SEPA compliance documentation, 3) GMA compliance documentation, 4) public hearing documentation, 5) a responsiveness summary to the public’s comments, and 6) demonstrable proof that the required SMP Update activities have been completed.

SEPA & GMA Compliance

The adoption of the Shoreline Master Program does not happen in a vacuum, and Stevenson must still comply with its responsibilities under the State Environmental Policy Act and Growth Management Act.  Prior to local adoption, a Threshold Determination on the SMP’s environmental impacts must be issued and all subsequent comment periods, amendments, or additional studies must conclude according to the provisions of RCW 43.21C and WAC 197-11.  Any Critical Areas included within the SMP must also satisfy the 60-day  notice of intent to adopt process required under RCW 36.70A.  Only upon completion of these actions, may the City Council consider adopting the SMP.

City Council Hearing, Responsiveness Summary & Adoption

The City Council has held at least one public hearing on the full draft SMP to allow public comment on the project as a whole. After the public hearing on November 15th, 2018, City staff prepared a summary of all comments received during the hearing and written comment period.  This summary includes individual responses to these comments discussing how the draft SMP addresses the issues the comments identifies.  The Council felt the issues have been addressed to their satisfaction, and they authorized submittal of the SMP to Ecology on December 20th, 2018.

Phase 5 Deliverables

  1. Complete Locally Adopted SMP
    pdfLocally Adopted Shoreline Master Plan (December 2018)
    pdfLocally Adopted SMC 18.08 – Shoreline Management (December 2018)
  2. SEPA products
    pdfSEPA2018-02 Public Notice-Threshold Determination of Nonsignificance
  3. Evidence of compliance with Growth Management Act
    pdf2018 Critical Areas Ordinance Update (October 2018) 
    pdfCAO 60-Day Comment Period Notice (June 2018)
    pdfCAO Adoption Notice (October 2018)
    pdfCAO 60-Day Comment Period Notice (October 2018)
  4. Public hearing record
    pdfPublic Hearing Materials (November 2018)
  5. Response to comments received at public hearing
    pdfPublic Release Draft Responsiveness Summary (May through October 2018)
    pdfSEPA Review Draft Responsiveness Summary (October through December 2018)
  6. SMP Submittal Checklists: Submitted to Ecology and available at City Hall upon request


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