This phase delves into the existing conditions of shoreline areas and asks the City to produce 1) the list of data sources being used to inform City decision makers about shoreline areas, 2) a set of maps displaying the information gained from those sources, 3) a detailed report characterizing the existing conditions and setting a baseline of ecological functions of shoreline areas, and 4) demonstrable proof that these activities have been completed.

Shoreline Inventory

Stevenson’s SMP must be based on “scientific and technical information” (WAC 173-26-201(2)), and the Shoreline Inventory provides the official list of scientific, technical, and interdisciplinary information analyzed in order to write the Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report (ICR).  Stevenson’s use of such information is varied and extensive, but documents such as the 1997 Rock Cove Environmental Evaluation and Comprehensive Plan, 2000 Rock Creek Watershed Analysis, 2003 Wind/White Salmon Watershed (WRIA 29) Level 1 Technical Assessment, and the 2010 Washington Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery and Fish & Wildlife Plan have provided particularly germane information.

Shoreline Analysis & Characterization

The Shoreline Analysis and resulting Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report represents the first major deliverable of the SMP.  This document establishes the baseline of ecological functions upon which future changes, gains, losses, and trade-offs may be tracked over time.

The Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report is presented in five sections dealing with introductory matters, ecosystem-wide processes, shoreline structures and ecological functions, reach-level characterizations, and a collection of recommendations for consideration in subsequent phases of the SMP Update process.  The ICR also includes a Map Folio to visually depict the information considered in the report’s development.

Phase 2 Deliverables

  1. Draft list of inventory data sources for review and comment: Submitted to Ecology in pdfJune 2014 updated as part of ICR
  2. Working maps of inventory information
  3. Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report with maps:
    pdf First Draft Inventory & Characterization Report
    pdf Second Draft Inventory & Characterization Report
    pdf Public Release Draft Inventory & Characterization Report (February 2018)
    pdf SEPA Review Draft Inventory & Characterization Report (October 2018)
    pdf  Final Inventory & Characterization Report (December 2018) (December 2018)
  4. SMP Submittal Checklists: Submitted to Ecology and available at City Hall upon request



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