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This phase sets expectations for the “where” and the “who” of shorelines planning and asks the City to produce 1) a Preliminary Shoreline Jurisdiction Map of the required and optional areas where the Shorelines Management Program will be implemented, 2) a Public Participation Plan for informing and involving the public throughout the Program’s update process, and 3) demonstrable proof that these activities have been completed.

Preliminary Jurisdiction Map

Stevenson’s SMP must include all “Shorelines of the State”, “Shorelines of Statewide Significance”, and their “Shorelands”.  Stevenson’s Preliminary Jurisdiction Map takes these mandatory areas into account by including the waters of the Columbia River, Rock Cove, and Rock Creek, and all lands within ~200 feet of their ordinary high water mark.  The SMP may also include any areas classified as “Critical Areas” under the Growth Management Act (RCW36.70A.030).  The Preliminary Jurisdiciton Map identifies only two of these Critical Areas for optional inclusion: wetlands and geologically hazardous areas, especially the area impacted by 2007’s Piper Road Landslide.

Public Participation Plan (PPP)

Stevenson’s Public Participation Plan seeks to involve stakeholders during all phases of the SMP update process.  This involvement includes multiple levels of communication and responsibility.  On the more passive end, the PPP calls for City staff to maintain and make available clear records of SMP update activities.  On the more interactive end, the PPP offers stakeholders a position on an advisory committee having monthly discussions on the details of the SMP update.

Stakeholders looking to make the City aware of their interest are invited to submit this pdfStatement of Interest Form to City Hall for inclusion on our various mailing lists.

Phase 1 Deliverables

  1. Preliminary Jurisdiciton Map of Shorelines of the State subject to Stevenson’s SMP: Submitted to Ecology in pdfJune 2014 and updated in pdf February 2015
  2. Public Participation Plan: Last submitted to Ecology in pdf February 2015
  3. Quarterly public participation updates: Last updated in February 2015
  4. SMP Submittal Checklists: Submitted to Ecology and available at City Hall upon request


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