Transportation links along waterfront

This phase occurs throughout the Shoreline Management Program Update process and asks the City to A) coordinate update activities with the Department of Ecology’s shorelines planning staff, B) secure any consultant services and interlocal agreements necessary to complete the update, and C) implement a Public Participation Plan.

General Phase Deliverables

  1. Ongoing Quarterly Reports: Submitted to Ecology and available at City Hall upon request
  2. Written responses to Ecology comments on draft deliverables: None yet requested
  3. Final executed consulting contracts: As of June, 2019, the City has consulted with Rock Cove Design and BergerABAM (Contracts available at City Hall upon request)
  4. Final executed interlocal agreements:  As of January 2015, the City has an interlocal agreement with Skamania County (Agreement available at City Hall upon request)
  5. Documentation of public participation: Updated quarterly along with the Public Participation Plan



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