The City of Stevenson currently draws its water supply from LaBong Creek, Cedar Springs and Rock Creek.  These surface water withdrawals are treated by the City’s 1.0 MGD water treatment plant, constructed in 1979 as a part of a significant water system improvement project including storage and distribution system construction.  The City also holds water rights for ground water withdrawals that are currently utilized as a backup supply.  The primary ground water source is Hegewald Well, with a 650 GPM installed production supply.

The City’s water distribution system is comprised of water mains ranging in size from 4-inch through 16-inch diameter.  Steel and ductile iron are the principal pipe materials.  A limited length of PVC and asbestos cement pipe remain.  For new construction, the City design standards require the installation of ductile iron pipe.

The City is served by 3 reservoirs providing approximately 0.96 million gallons of stored water.  These facilities in turn serve 3 pressure zones, which are further divided into sub-zones by pressure reducing valves.

Annual Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report)

As required by State law, the City of Stevenson prepares an annual report on the quality of its water, listing any potential contaminants that might have been detected during the preceding test periods. The frequency of testing varies from daily to every five years depending on the substance.

The most recent report is available below. Reports from previous years may be viewed or obtained for the cost of copying at Stevenson City Hall at 7121 E. Loop Road, Stevenson, WA 98648.