The City of Stevenson street system is comprised of over 34 lane miles of asphalt and gravel roads.  The Street Department is responsible for keeping street pavement clean and in good repair. The staff performs street sweeping, removes snow and ice, repairs potholes, and takes care of minor asphalt paving jobs. The Department monitors the performance of City streets and establishes multi-year repaving priorities. The Department also performs the following miscellaneous tasks:

  • Road-shoulder maintenance and vegetation control
  • Sub-grade repair, patching, maintenance paving and chip sealing
  • Ditch, culvert and water retention system cleaning and repair
  • Traffic control device installation and maintenance such as signs, striping, crosswalks, and directional arrows
  • Pothole repair
  • Street light maintenance


SIDEWALK MAINTENANCE:  The City of Stevenson Municipal Code 8.45 requires property owners to maintain and repair sidewalks adjacent to City streets abutting their property and to remove any brush or debris that may obstruct or impair the full and free use of sidewalk or street by the public.

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