The City of Stevenson maintains numerous parks within the City limits, providing a number of venues for open space, small gatherings and enhancement of community. Along with City owned parks, there is also a pathway system that links the downtown corridor with the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center Museum and Skamania Lodge via the banks of Rock Creek and Rock Cove. Maintenance of the City’s parks and downtown planting area’s are contracted out on an annual basis. A few of our parks are listed below:

Gateway Park: A 0.12 acre site located to the northeast of the intersection of Second Street and Rock Creek Drive in Downtown Stevenson, this park was constructed in 2000 to beautify and soften the western entrance to Downtown Stevenson. The park includes landscaping, irrigation lines, benches, bike racks, a bus shelter, rock walls and pillars, an informational kiosk, and seasonal decorations.

Gropper Loop Park: A 0.54 acre site located on the south side of Gropper
Road between its two intersections with Gropper Loop Road. Other than a series ofdecorative trees encircling the area, the site has never been developed or maintained for active park purposes.

Walnut ParkWalnut Park: A 0.19 acre property located on the south side of Second Street between Russell Avenue and Leavens Street, this park adds pleasant greenery to Downtown Stevenson’s urban fabric. As part of 2004’s Second Street improvement project, this park was rehabilitated and now includes landscaping, tables, benches, bike racks, trash cans, rock retaining walls, interpretive signage, a directional kiosk, an in-pavement dance tutorial, and pavers purchased through community donations.