Planning-related regulations are adopted by both the City and the State:

  • Stevenson Municipal Code  The municipal code provides the full collection of current laws adopted by the City of Stevenson.  Planning-related regulations within this searchable database are available in titles 2, 16, 17, and 18.
  • pdf Zoning Map  Title 17 of the Stevenson Municipal Code contains different regulations for different neighborhoods within the city.  The Zoning Map will allow you to determine which regulations apply to specific areas of town.
  • Revised Code of Washington  The State of Washington maintains a searchable database of laws enacted by the legislature or initiative of the people.  Planning-related laws are not collected in one common space, but RCW 35A.63, 36.70B, 36.70C, and 43.21C provide useful starting points.
  • Washington Administrative Code  In addition to regulation collected above, the State also maintains a searchable database of regulations adopted by state departments in the course of implementing RCWs.  Planning-related regulations are even more widely distributed in this collection, but WAC 197-11 is useful tool for understanding procedures related to the State Environmental Policy Act.