System of Plans Impacting the City

2021 Residential Capacity

The City is considering Zoning Code and Map changes to allow for more residential development.

2019 Downtown Plan

The City is currently working on a plan for its downtown and commercial core area.

2018 Shoreline Master Program Update

The City has completed the initial steps of its state-mandated update to its 1975 Shoreline Management Master Program.  An area plan for the waters of the Columbia River, Rock Cove, and Rock Creek and all lands within ~200 feet of their shorelines, this effort analyzed current conditions, established goals for future conditions, and established voluntary and regulatory programs for the development, protection, and restoration of these areas. The program has been submitted to the State Department of Ecology for review and approval.

2018 Critical Areas Ordinance Update

The City recently completed its state-mandated update to its 2008 Critical Areas Ordinance.  These regulations value, protect, and enhance Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas, Fish & Wildlife Habitat Areas, Frequently Flooded Areas, Geologic Hazard Areas, and Wetlands.   The effort reviewed the 2008 regulations and amended the code through

pdfOrdinance 2018-1123.

2016 Stevenson Fire Hall Strike Team (pdf)

“Making Tactical Decision to Improve Emergency Response”.  Representatives of the City of Stevenson, Skamania County Emergency Management, Skamania County Fire District #2, and the Stevenson Volunteer Fire Department formed the Stevenson Fire Hall Strike Team in order to identify suitable locations for a new fire station. Planning Department staff developed the collaborative process and produced a final report of the ad hoc committee’s analysis. A total of 52 properties were compared based on a weighted matrix of 31 evaluation factors, and 4 “Best of the Best” sites were prioritized for further analysis.

2013 Comprehensive Plan Update (pdf)

In 2013, the City completed a 3-year process to update its 1984 Comprehensive Plan.  The updated plan is organized around the City’s four cornerstone principles of High Quality of Life, Natural/Scenic Beauty, Healthy Economy, and Active Waterfront.  The plan is one intended to be acted upon, and each of its objectives and tactics includes responsible City department, likely partners contributing to its accomplishment, and a timeline for completion.

Google Earth – Stevenson 3D

Wayfinding Master Plan (pdf)

In 2012 the City initiate and completed the Stevenson Wayfinding Master Plan.  This strategic plan is intended to 1) improve traffic circulation in the downtown area, 2) upgrade public infrastructure, and 3) enhance the look of Stevenson.  Rock Cove Design’s artisan details within this vehicular- and pedestrian-oriented plan showcase the pride Stevenson takes in its streetscape.  The first phase of the plan’s implementation began in 2014, and the City continues to seek opportunities for further implementation.

Grant Proposals

Recent successful grant proposals include:

  • 2018 – $50,000 CERB planning grant for the SNAKEBITE (Stevenson Needs Advanced Knowledge Embracing Beverage Industry Treatment of Effluent) Facility Study which assists with sewer treatment system improvements.
  • 2018 – $575,000 DOE grant/$1,410,000 DOE Loan for design of sewer collection and treatment system improvements.
  • 2017 – $2,500 DOC grant for critical areas ordinance update.
  • 2011 – $60,000 DOE grant for shoreline management program update.
  • 2013 – $66,500 WSDOT grant for Trail of the Gods bike path.
  • 2011 – $505,000 FHWA grant for 1) Trail of the Gods bike path, 2) Wayfinding Master Plan, and 3)Bridge of the Gods Pedestrian Pathway study.