The Stevenson Municipal Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor & gross misdemeanor crimes as well as traffic and nontraffic infractions that occur within the City Limits.
Court Location & Hours Skamania County District Court operates Stevenson Municipal Court under an interlocal agreement. Offices for Municipal Court moved to the Skamania County Courthouse on June 1, 2016. Any questions should be directed to the District Court office,

Physical Location:                              Mailing Address:                      Phone: 509-427-3780
Skamania County Courthouse                PO Box 790                                FAX: 509-427-3777
240 NW Vancouver Ave Rm 35              Stevenson, WA  98648               Jury Recorder: 509-427-3778
Stevenson, WA  98648                                                      

Ronald H Reynier, Presiding Judge

Court Staff
Donna Wood (Court Administrator)

City Prosecuting Attorney  The City of Stevenson contracts with the Skamania County Prosecutor’s office for prosecution services. 509-427-3796

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