The City Council meets on the third Thursday at 6:00pm in City Hall, 7121 East Loop Road.  Special meetings are posted in the Pioneer.

With the exception of executive session meetings, Council meetings are open to the public, with opportunity for the public to speak. For all comments and testimony, speakers are asked to limit statements to about three minutes in order to allow as many people as possible the chance to address Council.

Beginning in May of 2018, the city began using agenda management software to publish the agenda, council packet and meeting minutes.  This information can be found online HERE .

Meeting DateNameAgendaMinutesOther Docs
03/21/2013City Council Meetingagendaminutes
04/19/2013Council Meeting 4/19/2013agendaminutes
05/16/2013City Council 5/16/13agendaminutesCity Clean up flyer
06/20/2013City Council 06/20/2013agendatitle
07/18/2013City Council 07/18/13agendaminutes
08/15/2013City Council 08/15/13agendaminutes
09/19/2013City Council MeetingagendaSeptmeber Council Packet
10/24/2013City Council MeetingagendaminutesSheriff's Report
WCMA Lobby
Zoning Ordinance
AWC Agreement
Benefits Resolution
Fire Mutual Aid Agreement
Tree Removal Authorization
September Fiscals
Ad Valorem Memo
Current Expense Estimated Revenue
Captial Project Funds
Outfall Permit Application
11/07/2013Special Meeting for Outfall Project Hearing and Budgetagenda
11/21/2013City Council MeetingagendaminutesSheriff's Report
Columbia River Treaty
Staff Petition
Bond Ordinance
Shorelines Permit
Zoning Ordinance
Draft Zoning Ordinance
Surplus Exhibit
Domestic Partners
Tourism Promotional Fund
TAC meeting Funding Summary
Parking Analysis
12/04/2013City Council Meeting (special meeting)agenda
12/19/2013City Council MeetingagendaminutesSurplus Resolution
2013 Budget Amendment
2014 Budget Adoption
Signature Resolution
WRIA 29A Watershed Planning
Contracts Summary
Planning Minutes
Sheriffs Report Nov 2013
Bridge of the Gods Report
01/16/2014January City Council MeetingagendaminutesShorelines Permit for Emergency Outfall
Trail Easement
School District Signs
Annual Appointments
WSDOT Agreemnt for Wayfinding Signs
Wallis Engineering Contract
Sheriffs Report
02/20/2014February City Council MeetingagendaAgenda PACKAGE 2-20-14
02/28/2014City Council Meeting (special meeting)Meeting Notice
03/20/2014March City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 2-20-14
City Council Minutes Special Meting 2-28-14
Public Works Director Overtime Request
Ordinance 2014-1076 Budget Amendment
Accountability Report
Financial Statement Report
February Sheriff's Report
Roberts Rules of Order item
Sheriff Brown Letter Hwy 14
Chamber of Commerce Activities February 2014
Public Works Department Projects Update
February AP Checks Detail
04/17/2014April City Council MeetingagendaMarch 2014 Minutes
Sidewalk Maintenance report
Pros & Cons of Cash Basis Acctg
Resolution 2014-270 Cash Basis Acctg
Resolution 2014-271 - Local Agency Agreement
Chamber of Commerce Activities
Cruise Ship Facts
Scott Pineo Letter & Response
Check Register & Fund Totals
05/15/2014May 2014 City Council MeetingagendaApril 17, 2014, City Council Meeting Minutes
Comments on Draft NPDES Permit
Proposed Education Zone Text Amendment
Sheriff Brown Report Summary of Stevenson Calls
TAC Funding Recommendation
Stevenson Firemen's Assn
Stevenson Firemen's Assn UBI Renewal
Open Public Meetings Act and Emails
Judge Anderson Travel Request
Karl Russell Travel Request
Mary Repar Letter 5-14-14 Planning Commission
Sheriff's Office Newsletter April 2014
Chamber of Commerce Activities April 2014
Pending Court Decision on PERS cases
April 2014 Check Register and Fund Totals
School District Request
06/19/2014June City Council meetingagendaMay 2014 City Council minutes
SR14 Town Hall meeting minutes
Draft Ordinance 2014-1077 ED District
Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
SR14 Traffic Survey Results
City Council Rules of Procedure Section 11
Scott Anderson City Council Application
Dave McKenzie City Council Application
Jenny Taylor City Council Application
Wallace Engineering Contract
Horse-Drawn Carriage Agreement
Pollock-Barrick Water & Sewer Request
Resolution 2014-272 Metropolitan Park District
Draft Agreement Skamania County Courthouse Lawn
Chamber of Commerce Letter
Mara Reynolds Letter
Sheriff Report
Chamber of Commerce Activities
June 2014 Check Register & Fund Totals
07/17/2014July City Council MeetingagendaminutesOrdinance 2014-1077 ED Zone (Draft)
Bid Results Bridging Byway Communities Trail
Sciacca Type D Right of Way Use Application
Interlocal Agreement Solid/Mod Risk Waste
Solid & Moderate Risk Waste Mgmt Plan
Sheriff's Report Jun 2014
Chamber of Commerce Activities Jun 2014
Chamber of Commerce Jul 2014 Calendar
Check Register & Fund Totals Jul 2014
Resolution 2014-273 Adopting Solid/Mod Risk Waste Mgmt Plan
08/21/2014August City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes July 17, 2014
Budget Amendment Ordinance 2014-1078
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas
2013 Financial Statements
US Bank Investments Resolution 2014-276
Clark - Stevenson Interlocal Agreement
Sunstone One at Skamania Subdivision PC Report
Intent to Rezone Resolution 2014-275
Sewer Outfall Resolution 2014-274
Sheriff Report
Chamber Activities
American Empress Revised Schedule
CRGC Letter to Governors - Oil Trains
Shoreline Management Plan Update
August Check Registers & Fund Totals
09/02/2014Special Council MeetingagendaDraft Decision
August Review Record
July Review Record
Application Materials
Rezoning Staff Report
09/18/2014September City Council Meeting
10/16/2014October City Council MeetingagendaCourthouse Plaza Agreement
1st Street Stop Sign Analysis
1st Street Stop Sign FHWA Info
1st Street Stop Sign Letter
Bldg Inspector Services Bingen
Bldg Inspector Services Skamania County
Senior Services Letter of Support
Dept of Commerce Loan Modification
Training Session Info - The Art of Participatory Leadership
Leak Adjustments Policy
State Transportation Commission Letter
Sheriff Report
Chamber Activities
Planning Commission Minutes
AP Check Register
11/20/2014November Council MeetingagendaOctober City Council Minutes
Courthouse Plaza Agreement
Wheeled All Terrain Vehicles
Stop sign engineering analysis
Stop sign info FHWA
Stop Sign Letter Planning Commission
Building Inspector Services - Bingen
Building Inspector Services - County
Senior Services Grant Letter of Support
Dept of Commerce Loan Modification
Training Opportunity
Lead Adjustments Policy
Letter to State Transportation Commission
Sheriff's Report
Planning Commission Minutes
A/P Check Register for November
Chamber Activities
12/18/2014December City Council MeetingagendaNovember Minutes
Oil Trains Resolution A
Oil Trains Resolution B
Oil Trains - Gov Inslee Actions
Oil Trains - Chief Farris comments
Oil Trains - WSJ Article
County Strategic Plan update request
County Strategic Plan 2003
Salary Schedule Survey
Existing Salary Schedule
Proposed Salary Schedule - 7 steps
Proposed Salary Schedule - 8 steps
Budget Message & Introdution
Budget Adoption
Shorelines Application
Wallis Contract renewal
Urban Area Policy Assessment
Road Vacation Request
Resolution to set public hearing for road vacation request
Sheriff's Report
Chamber Activities
Check Register
Oil Trains Resolution - PASSED
01/15/2015January Council MeetingagendaDec Council Minutes
Shoreline Development Permit Application
SBA Courthouse Plaza Design Contract
Tourism Funding Recommendations
Request for Temporary Public Works Employee
Broadband Strategic Planning
Annual Appointments
CH2M-Hill / OMI Contract
Wallis Engr Contract
Berger-ABAM Contract Kanaka Creek Road
Prosecuting Atty Contract
Incarceration Svs Contract
Probation Svs Contract
Jury Management Contract
Sheriff Report
Chamber Activities
December Check Register
02/19/2015February Council MeetingagendaJanuary Minutes
Fire Chief Report
Temporary Landscape Maintenance Employee
Stand Up for Teens
Stand Up for Teens (B)
MCEDD Annual Report
Tongue River Railroad
Tourism Funding Summary
Cost Allocation Plan
County .09 Funds for Cascade Avenue
GIS Interlocal Agreement
Municipal Judge Contract Amendment
Shorelines Interlocal Agreement
Annual Contracts Approvals Appendix A
Sheriff Report
Chamber Report
Planning Commission Minutes Jan 2015
February Check Register
03/19/2015March Council MeetingagendaFebruary Council Minutes
Stevenson WiFi Usage
Cost Allocation Plan
Sierra Club Request
Planning Commission Request
Wallis Trail Contract Amendment
Berger ABAM Cascade Avenue Contract Amendment
2015 Contract CGIC
2015 Contract BOTG Kiteboarding Festival
2015 Contract Gorge Outrigger Races
2015 Contract Columbia Gorge Fiddle Contest
2015 Contract Discover Your Northwest
2015 Contract Farmers' Market
2015 Contracts summary
Sheriff's Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2015
Chamber of Commerce Report
Planning Commission Minutes Feb 2015
March Check Register & Fund Totals
04/16/2015April Council MeetingagendaCity Councuil Minutes 3-19-15
Judge Anderson Training Request
Ordinance 2015-1085 Strawberry Road Vacation
Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Memo
SR 14 Survey
SR 14 Survey Question 4
Traffic Concerns Public Memo
Traffic Concerns - Senator King Letter
Traffic Concerns - North Bonneville Letter
Traffic Concerns - Oregon Weight-Mile Tax
WSDOT Agreement - Crosswalk Maintenance
Financial Summary Report March 31, 2015
Revenue Detail
Expenditure Detail
Sheriff Report
Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber Report
MCEDD CEDS Rankings 2015
Tesoro Savage Proposed Oil Terminal
April Check Register and Fund Totals
05/21/2015May Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 4-16-15
Six Year TIP Memo
Six Year TIP
Hearing Examiner Memo
Ordinance 2015-1086 Optional Hearing Examiner
Ordinance 2015-1087 Outside Serving Area Reqmt's
LCB Oustide Serving Area Reqmt's
El Rio ROW Use Request
BRG ROW Use Request
Cascade Avenue Improvements Overview
Stevenson WiFi Usage Tracking
WET Schedule 2015
Sheriff's Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber Activities
Planning Commission Minutes 3-9-15
May Check Register and Fund Totals
06/11/2015Town Hall Meeting – Downtown Traffic & Pedestrian SafetyagendaTraffic Survey Results
Traffic Survey Question 4 Results
Engineering Analysis of First Street Stop Sign Removal
06/18/2015June Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 5-21-15
Town Hall Meeting Minutes 6-11-15
Six Year Street Plan Explanation
Six Year Street Plan
Memo to Council - Lakeview etc Paving
Stevenson Annexation Policy
MRSC Memo Street Improvements & Methods
Resolution 2015-282 Joint Review BNSF Bridge
City-County-BNSF Interlocal Agreemeent
Memo to Council - 1st Street Stop Sign Removal
OneGorge SR-14 Letter to Senator King
Senator King Letter to Mayor Cox
Trail of the Gods Retaining Wall Options
Cascade Avenue Bid Results
Cascade Avenue Bids vs Budgets
Cascade Avenue Notice of Award
Cascade Avenue Agreement
BergerABAM Shorelines Contract
Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber Report
Planning Commission Minutes 5-11-15
June Check Register and Fund Totals
07/16/2015July Council MeetingagendaCouncil Minutes 6-18-15
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas
Dispatch Services Agreement
Water Manager Job Description
Wallis Contract Extension
Audit Exit Conference
Financial Stmts & Single Audit Reports
Accountability Report
Financial Summary Report
Revenue Detail
Expenditure Detail
Community Action Plan (Draft)
Sightline Report - Pipeline on Rails
Oregon Governor Brown Response to SELA
SELA Letter to Idaho Governor Otter
Sheriff Report
Court Cases Filed
Chamber Report
Planning Commission Minutes June 2015
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas
Wallace Contract Extension
July Check Register & Fund Totals
Municipal Court Cases Filed
08/20/2015August Council MeetingagendaJuly Council Minutes
Hearing Examiner Agreement
Interlocal Agreement City-Port Leavens Point Water Access Project
Interlocal Agreement City-Port Lot Next to Leavens Point
MCEDD Annual Performance Report
City Fire Rating
Annual Street Report Revenues and Expenditures
Building Permits Recap
Waste Water Treatment Plant Performance Award
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Sheriff Report
Chamber Report
Planning Commission Mintues July 2015
AP Check Register and Fund Totals
09/17/2015September Council MeetingagendaAugust Council Minutes
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas (Current)
Rice Fergus Miller Amendment
EDC Contract & Deliverables
EDC Progress Report
HFI Forestry Services Contract
HFI Forestry Services Proposal
Berger ABAM Kanaka Creek Contract Supplement
Crestline Change Orders
Building Permits Recap
Sheriff Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Reviving Rural Downtowns Workshop
10/15/2015October Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 9-17-15
SR14 Downtown Traffic & Pedestrian Safety
Crestline Change Orders
2016 Budget Calendar (Proposed)
Finanical Summary Report
Revenue Detail
Expenditure Detail
2016 Budget Priorities
Tourism Funding Calendar
Quad Gates Draw Request #2 (CERB)
WGAP Stevenson Food Bank Activities
SELA Action Items
Sherrif Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber of Commerce Report
Planning Commission Minutes 9-21-15
October 2015 AP Check Register and Fund Totals
11/18/2015First Budget Meeting and Budget Hearingagenda
11/19/2015November Council MeetingagendaOrdinance 2015-1088 2016 Property Tax Levy
Resolution 2015-284 2016 Property Tax Levy
Resolution 2015-279 Unclaimed Property
Invoice Cloud Proposal (online payment system)
Tourism Funding Summary
Sheriff Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber of Commerce Activities
Planning Commission Mintues 10-19-15
October 2015 AP Check Register and Fund Totals
12/17/2015December Council Meeting
01/21/2016January 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 12-17-15
EDC Progress Report
PCTA Request - Letter of Support
Annual Appointments
Timber Appraisal and Mangement Plan
Street Standards Revision
Online Billing Software Annual Cost
Invoice Cloud Contract
Vision Software Contract
Crestline Construction Change Orders
Friends of the Gorge Request
Vacation Rentals Memo
Request for Transportation Needs Assessment
Sheriff Report
Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber Activities
Planning Commission Minutes 12-14-15
Gorge-ous Night in Olympia
Gorge-ous Night in Salem
Letter from L&I Electrical Inspector
Thank You Letter from Superintendent Karen Douglass
December AP Check Register
02/18/2016February 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Meeting Minutes 1-21-16
Overnight Lodging (1) Public Involvement Efforts
Overnight Lodging (2) Proposed Zone Amendments
Overnight Lodging (3) Proposed Licensing Code
Overnght Lodging (4) Proposed Fee Schedule
Animals and Locations public hearing materials
Stand up for Teens
Public Works Dept Temporary Employee
Surplus Property
CH2M Hill OMI Contract
Wallis Engineering contract, general engineering
Berger ABAM contract, Loop Rd Water Line Replacement
Wallis Engineering Contract, development review svs
Building Permit Process changes
Building Permit Process Overview
SELA Fossil Fuels Projects Update
SELA letter to Secretary of Interior - Coal Program
Stevenson Food Bank Stats
Suggestions for Successful Public Service (AWC)
Sheriff Report
Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes 1-11-16
Chamber of Commerce Report Jan 2016
EDC Contract 2016
Skamania County Tourism Events Contract 2016
Senior Services WET bus contract 2016
Stevenson WiFi Contract 2016
Discover Your Northwest Contract 2016
February 2016 AP Check Register and Fund Totals
03/17/2016March 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Meeting Minutes 2-18-16 Draft
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas - Current
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas - Completed
Overnight Lodging
Ordinance 2016-1095 Closing Fund 622
Resolution 2016-287 Reserved Fund Balances
LCFRB Board Member Vacancy
Universal Field Services Contract Ratification
BOG Proposed Toll Increase
Sheriff Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2016
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2015
Chamber Report
MRSC Funding Threatened
State Job Creation Strategies
AWC Suggestions for Succesful Public Service
Cruise Ships Schedule
March A/P Check Register
04/21/2016April 2016 City Council MeetingagendaHwy 14 Traffic Ideas - Current
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas - Completed or Not Implemented
SR14 Traffic Survey Results 2014
SR14 Town Hall Meeting 2014
Hwy 14 One-way Couplet Concept Plan
SR14 Traffic Survey Results 2015
SR14 Town Hall Meeting 2015
1st Street Stop Sign Removal Engineering Analysis
1st Street Stop Sign Removal Draft Plan
FHWA Stop Sign Info Summary Sheets
Senator King Letters
RTC Memo SR14 Truck Movements
Sheriff Brown Letter - SR14 Concerns
Downtown Traffic - Planning Dept Proposed Scope of Work
Trail of the Gods Project Wrap-up and Retaining Wall Next Steps
Contracting Municipal Court Pros and Cons
Loop Road Water Line Bids
Loop Road Water Line Contract
Municipal Judge Contract Amendment 2016
Interlocal Agreement - Stevenson Municipal Court Services
Municipal Judge Contract Termination Agreement
Tesoro Savage Proposed Oil Terminal Letters
Tesoro Savage Proposed Oil Terminal Letters
Tesoro Savage Proposed Oil Terminal Letters
Tesoro Savage Proposed Oil Terminal Letters
Tesoro Savage Proposed Oil Terminal Letters
BOG Proposed Toll Increase
Effective Public Engagement
Sheriff Report March 2016
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes Feb 2016
Chamber Activities March 2016
April A/P Check Register and Fund Totals
05/19/2016May 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 4-21-16
Six Year TIP
EDC Progress Report
Farm Animals - Staff Report and Proposed Ordinances
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas - Current
Hwy 14 Traffic Ideas Completed
SR14 Traffic Survey Results 2014
SR14 Town Hall Meeting 2014
Hwy 14 Couplet Concept Plan
SR14 Traffic Survey Results 2015
SR14 Town Hall Meeting 2015
Stop Sign Removal Engineering Analysis
Stop Sign Removal Proposed Plan
FHWA Stop Sign Info
Senator King Letter
RTC - SR14 Truck Movements memo 2015
Truck Route Petition
Planning Dept Proposed Scope of Work for Traffic Analysis
Annexations FAQ
Bone Road Annexation Request - Public Works report
Bone Road Annexation Request - Planning Dept report
MSA Contract - water system plan update
Fossil Fuel Resolution Request
Financial Summary Report
Revenue Detail
Expenditure Detail
Sheriff Report
Chamber Activities
BOG questions
BOG Revenue recap
Tongue River Railroad
May Check Register and Fund Totals
06/16/2016June 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 5-19-16
Six Year Transportation Improvement Program
Stevenson Fire Hall Strike Team Final Report
Farm Animals Staff Report and Proposed Ordinances
Proposped Ordinance - Final Plat Approvals
Agreement for Deferral of Imrprovements
Berger ABAM Contract Amendment
Second Street paving issues update
Friends of the Gorge funding request letter of support
Letter of opposition to Longview Coal Terminal
Sheriff Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes 5-9-16
Chamber of Commerce Activities
June AP Check Register and Fund Totals
06/16/2016Joint Meeting with FD2 & Skamania County CommissionersagendaStevenson Fire Hall Strike Team Report
07/21/2016July 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council minutes 6-16-16
Stevenson Fire Hall Joint Meeting Minutes 6-16-16
Resolution 2016-288 Chinidere Extension and Development Agreement
SR 14 Corridor Management Plan
Gorge Commission Executive Director Letter Transportation Vision 7-6-16
Brian McNamara Letter 7-14-16
Proposed Resolution 2016-289 Opposing Fossil Fuels Infrastructure
Resolution 2012-250 Coal Trains through the Gorge
Resolution 2014-279 Crude Oil through the Gorge
Melissa Elliott Design LLC Landscaping Contract
Financial Summary Report 6-30-16
Revenue Detail
Expenditure Detail
Sheriff Report June 2016
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed through June 2016
Planning Commission Minutes 6-13-16
Chamber Report June 2016
Check Register and Fund Totals
Job Descriptions

08/18/2016August 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council minutes 7-21-16
Ordinance 2016-1077 & Planning Director Report - Chinidere Rezone
EDC Report
Chinidere Development Agreement Amendment
Surplus Equipment
TIB Grant Match Commitment Letters
Contract approval - James Kacena PLLC
John Wayne Trail Request for Resolution
Fire Chief Rob Farris report - Bingen Foam Trailer
Sheriff Repoort
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases filed
Planning Commission meeting minutes 7-11-16
Chamber Activties
August A/P check register and fund totals
Bond Investments Recap
09/15/2016Sept 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 8-8-16
Resolution 2016-219 Support for the John Wayne Trail
Logging Contract M&M Excavating
Planning Commission Request for Joint Meeting
Proposed Budget Calendar 2017
Building Permits Recap
Tourism Funding Grants Calendar
Paul Hendricks Appt to MCEDD Board of Director
Minutes Guidance from State Auditor's Office
Sheriff Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber Report
Sept Check Register and Fund Totals
10/20/2016Oct 2016 City Council Meeting & Town Hall MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 9-15-16
SR14 Traffic - Current Items Under Consideration
SR14 Traffic - Items Completed or no longer under consideration
SR14 - Stop Sign Removal Engineering Analysis
SR14 - FHWA Stop Sign Info
SR14 Stop Sign Removal Plan
SR14 2014 Survey results
SR14 2015 Survey results
SR14 - 2014 Town Hall Meeting
SR14 - 2015 Town Hall Meeting
SR14 - RTC Memo
SR14 - Sheriff Brown Letter
SR14 - Truck Route Petition
SR14 - Senator King Letters
SR14 - Planning Dept Scope of Work
SR14 - National Scenic Byways Info
SR14 - Letters to WSDOT
SR14 - Letter from WSDOT
SR14 - Public Comment Letters
Financial Summary Report
Portland CPI-U 2015-16
Revenue Detail Report Sept 2016
Expenditure Detail Report Sept 2016
Cost Allocation Plan Rev 10-11-16
Planning Director Memo - Remi Short Plat
Contract - Klein & Associates
Contract - City Attorney (new)
Contract - City Attorney (existing)
2015 Audit Report
2015 Accountability Audit
Guidance for Nuisance Enforcement
Nuisance Complaint Form
MCEDD Annual Report 2015-16
Letter from Skamania County
Sheriff's Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2016 ytd
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2015
Planning Commission Minutes 9-12-16
Wasco County approves UP Double Track
AP Check Register and Fund Totals
11/10/2016Special City Council Meeting – 1st Budget Meeting
11/17/2016Nov 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 10-20-16
Ordinance 2016-1098 Budget Amendment New Fund 301
Ordinance 2016-1100 Budget Amendment and Fund Closures
Annual Apppointments List
Tourism Funding Recommendation
Sheriff's Report Oct 2016
Planning Commission Minutes Oct 2016
Chamber Activities
November AP Check Register
12/01/2016Joint Meeting – City of Stevenson City Council and Planning Commissionagenda
12/15/2016Dec 2016 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council meeting minutes 11-10-16 (First Budget Meeting)
Joint meeting minutes 12-1-16
2017 Budget Priorities and Goals
2017 Budget Adoption
Ordinance 2016-1101 Planning Commission Compensation
Authorize Bid Award - Kanaka Creek Road Improvements
ILA with Stevenson-Carson School District - Support for the Community Pool
Resolution 2016-294 Unclaimed Property
Annual Appointments
EDC Contract 2017
Gropper Road Sidewalk grant award
Building Permits Recap
Letter of Complaint
City Administrator's Response to Letter of Complaint
Sheriff's Report November 2016
Municipal Court Cases Filed
Chamber Activities November 2016
December AP Check Register and Fund Totals
01/26/2017January 2017 City Council MeetingagendaCity Council meeting minutes 11-17-16
City Council meeting minutes 12-15-16
Zoning Code Reformat staff report
Stevenson Fire Deptartment 2016 Recap
2017 Annual Appointments
City Council Rules of Procedure
Prosecuting Attorney Contract 2017
Incaceration Services Contract 2017
Probation Services Contract 2017
WGAP Food Bank Contract
Stevenson WiFi Tourism Funds Contract
Skamania County Tourism Funds Contract
CGIC Tourism Funds Contract
Kanaka Creek Road Improvements Contract
Resolution 2017-295 Emergency Storm Declaration
Financial Summary Report Dec 2016
Revenue Detail
Expenditure Detail
Fund 300 Reserved for Waterfront Improvements
Timber Harvest Rev & Exp Recap
Sheriff's Report Dec 2016
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes Nov 2016
AWC Small City Resource Manual
Gorgeous Night Out - Olympia
Gorgeous Night Out - Salem
Check Register and Fund Totals
02/16/2017February City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 1-26-17
Proposed Ordinance 2017-1103 and Staff Report
2017 Appointments
2017 Tourism Funding Summary
Tourism Funding Contract 2017- CGIC
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Stevenson WiFi
Tourism Funding Contracts 2017 - Exhibit A
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - BOTG Kiteboarding Festival
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Gorge Outrigger Races
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Hoptoberfest
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Senior Services Seasonal Transportation
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Waterfront Music Festival
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - CGRA Championship Regatta
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - East Point Signage
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Fools Fest
Berger ABAM Gropper Road Sidewalk Contract
Berger ABAM Utilities Exemption Contract
OMI - CH2M Contract 2017
Wallis Engineering - Public Works Engineering 2017
EMS Preemptive Warning Signs ILA
Wallis Engineering - Development Review Contract 2016
Wallis Engineering - Development Review Contract Extension
H-GAC Interlocal Purchasing Agreement
EDC Luncheon
CGIC Annual Event
Oregon HB 2131 Oil Train Safety
Stand up 4 Teens
Surety & Fidelity Bonds Handbook
Sheriff's Report Jan 2017
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2016
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2017
Chamber Report January 2017
February 2017 AP Check Register and Fund Totals
03/16/2017March City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes February 2017
Public Works Director Overtime Report
CRG NSA Plan Review
Wastewater System Update March 2017
Wastewater System System Compliance Schedule
Nuisance Enforcement Guidelines
Nuisance Complaint Form
Nuisance Complaint Log 2015
Nuisance Complaint Log 2016
Nuisance Complaint Log 2017
Traffic Calming Devices
Eric Hansen Memo 2008
City Council minutes - exempt salary disucsssion
2016 overtime totals
White Collar Exemptions
Personnel Policy Chapter 4
Public Works Director Job Description
Tetra Tech Amendment #1
Utility Worker Job Description (revised)
Utility Worker Job Description revisions
Utililty Worker Employment Agreement
Letter in Support of State-wide Tourism Marketing
Ice Storm Hotwash
Nuisance Complaint 2017-01
Sheriff's Reporrt Feb 2017
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes February 2017
February Chamber Report
March AP Check Register and Fund Totals
04/20/2017April City Council Meeting and Public Hearing for Draft General Sewer Plan updateagendaCity Council Minutes 3-16-17
Severs & Pritt Water Leak Adjustment Appeal
Ellis & Corey Water Leak Adjustment Appeal
Avista Gas Permit Agreement
2017 Tourism Funding SDA Mainstreet Program
TIB Agreement - Kanaka Creek Road Improvements
Gropper Road Sidewalk TIB Bid Authorization Form
Dept of Commerce Grant Agreement Critical Areas Update
RTC TAP Grant Application Port / City
Authorized Signers for City of Stevenson
Roberts Rules of Order (simplified)
Brian McNamara Email - National Scenic Byways & Trucking
Sheriff's Report
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes 3-13-17
Chamber of Commerce Activities
USDA RD Appropriations Request Letter
Stevenson Cruise Ship Info
April 2017 AP Check Register and Fund Totals
05/18/2017May City Council MeetingagendaCity Council mintues 4-20-17
Six Year TIP Council Memo
Six Year TIP
Planning Director Staff Report PUD's
Wastewater Treatment Plant Alternatives Comparison
Pretreatment System Examples
Gropper Road Sidewalk Bid Results
Contracts - Purchase of County Well
Contracts - Stevenson Community Gardens and Agro-Tourism Project
Resolution 2017-297 Surplus Equipment
Planning Commission Letter - Del Ray Avenue Sewer Line
Sheriff Report April 2017
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed April 2017
Planning Commission Minutes 4-10-17
Chamber of Commerce Activities April 2017
Insitu New Employee Shuttle Service
Timber Price Monthly Trends
AP Check Register April 2017
06/15/2017June City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 5-18-17
Six-year Transportation Improvement Plan memo
Six-year Transportation Improvement Plan
Resolution 2017-296 Planning Fees
Ordinance 2017-1104 Planned Unit Developments
Ordinance 2017-1105 Budget Amendment
Superintendent Karen Douglass Pool Report to City Council
Contracts - Purchase of County well
Standby Pay / On-Call Pay History
Standby Pay / On-Call Pay Comparison 2017
Melissa Still Letter - Russell Avenue Parking
Port of Skamania County Shoreline Restoration Application
Contracts - Tourism Funds Port Wayfinding Signage
Port Trail Project Letter of Support
Sheriff's Report May 2017
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed May 2017
Planning Commission Minutes 5-8-17
Chamber Activities May 2017
2016 Annual Report submitted
June 2017 AP Check Register and Fund Totals
07/20/2017July City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 6-15-17
Shoreline Substantial Development Application Staff Report
Personnel Policy Manual - On Call Pay
Pay Schedule Revision

Resolution 2017-0296 Planning Dept Fees
Melissa Still Letter - Russell Avenue Parking
City Administrator Recruitment
BRG Walnut Park License Agreement Rev 1
Gropper Road Sidewalk Contract ratification
Mayes Testing Eng Contract
PUD Pole Attachment Agreement
BLS CPI Explanation
Financial Summary Report 6-30-17
Revenue Detail 6-30-17
Expenditure Detail 6-30-17
Sheriff Report June 2017
PC Minutes 6-12-17
PC Minutes 7-10-17
Chamber Report June 2017
July AP Check Register
08/02/2017Special City Council MeetingagendaOrdinance 2017-1106 Requiring Council Confirmation of Clerk-Treasurer Appointment
Resolution 2017-0298 Interim Banking Authorizations
2017 Kaski Logging Contract
08/16/2017Special City Council Meetingagenda
08/24/2017August City Council Meeting (rescheduled from August 17)agendaDraft Minutes 7/20/17 CC Meeting
Draft Minutes 8/16/17 Special CC Meeting
Sewer Plan Handout
Flow Handout
Capital Improvement Plan Handout
Public Comment Walking Man
EDC Sewer Comments
Sewer Rate Handout
System Development Charge (SDC )Memo
Historical Revenue & Expenditure Comparison
Historical Sewer Rates
Draft General Sewer & WW Facilities Plan
City Administrator Employment Contract
Ordinance 2017-1107 Wave CATV Franchise
Interlocal Agreement Port Waterfront Park
Covenant to Port Waterfront Park Interlocal
Jul 2017 Financial Summary Report
Jul 2017 Revenue Detail Report
Jul 2017 Expenditure Detail Report
Jul 2017 Sheriff's Report
SMC 2017 Cases Filed Summary Jan-Jul
Jul 2017 Chamber of Commerce Report
RTC Report
Aug 2017 AP Check Register
08/31/2017Special Council MeetingagendaCommittee Agenda
Document Packet
09/21/2017September Council Meetingagenda3.A August 2, 2017 Special Council Meeting Minutes
3.B August 24, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes
3.C August 31, 2017 Draft Sewer Workshop Minutes
8.A1 Kanaka Creek Sampling
8.B1 Gropper Rd. Change Order 1
8.B2 Gropper Rd. Change Order 2
9.A Resolution 2017-0299 Banking Authorizations
9.C Height Restricted No Parking Sign
9.D 2018 Budget Calendar - Proposed
9.E 2017 Salary Schedule
10.A1 Financial Summary Report
10.A2 Aug 2017 Revenue Report
10.A3 Aug 2017 Expenditure Report
10.B Aug 2017 Sheriff Report
10.C Aug 2017 Chamber Report
10.D1 2016 Financial Statements Audit Report
10.D2 2016 Accountability Audit
10.F Eagle Creek Fire and Archer Mt. Fire Report
12 Sep 2017 AP Check Register & Fund Totals
10/19/2017October City Council Meetingagendaminutes6.A.1 System Development Charges Memo
6.A.2 Sewer Rates Memo
6.A.3 Draft Sewer Ordinance
6.A.4 Water Rates Memo
7.B.1 Hegewald Toll Flyer
7.B.2 Bridge of the Gods Toll Proposal
8.B.1 Kanaka Creek Change Order #1
8.B.2 Kanaka Creek Change Order #2
8.B.3 Kanaka Creek Change Order #3
9.A Health Insurance Memo
9.B Skamania EDC Contract Approval
9.C LGIP Authorizations Resolution
9.D Oversized Parking Examples
9.F.1 2018 Budget Priorities
9.F.2 2018 Pay Schedule
9.G Homeless Memo
9.H Hidden Ridge Pedestrian Pathway
9.I Temporary Employee Memo
10.A.1 Sept. Financial Summary Report
10.A.2 Sept. Revenue Report
10.A.3 Sept. Expenditure Report
10.C.1 Gorge Happiness Calendar
10.C.2 Gorge Happiness Events List
10.D Sept. Sheriff's Report
10.E Sept. Municipal Court Cases
10.G Sept. Chamber of Commerce Activities
12 Oct. AP Check Register
11/16/2017November City Council Meetingagendaminutes6.A.1 2018 Budget Memo
6.A.2 2018 Proposed Budget
6.B.1 2017 Budget Amendment Detail
6.B.2 2017 Budget Amendment Ordinance
7.A Water and Sewer Connection Charges Ordinance
7.B Low Income Senior Discount Ordinance
7.C Water Rate Ordinance
7.D Sewer Rates Ordinance
7.E Wastewater Moratorium Ordinance
7.F Law Enforcement Agreement Ordinance
8.A.1 Hollstrom Variance Request
8.A.2 Deferral of Improvements Agreement
8.A.3 Road Maint. Agreement
8.B Murraysmith Amendment
8.C TetraTech Amendment
8.E Tourism Funding Awards
8.F Coalition Against Bigger Trucks
8.G 2018 Legislative Agenda
9.A.1 Oct. Financial Summary
9.A.2 Oct. Revenue Report
9.A.3 Oct Expenditure Report
9.B Sheriff's Report
9.C PC Minutes 10.9.17
9.D October Chamber of Commerce Report
9.E Municipal Court Cases-Oct 2017
12/21/2017December City Council MeetingagendaminutesNov 16, 2017 Draft CC Minutes
6.a Res. 2017-303 Wastewater Moratorium Adopting Findings of Fact
8.a.1 Ord 2017-1114 2017 Budget Amendment #2
8.b.1 2018 Budget Memo
8.b.2 2018 Budget Summary
8.b.3 Ord 2017-1115 2018 Initial Budget
9.a.1 Tourism Contract Memo
9.a.i Skamania County Contract
9.a.ii Skamania County Chamber of Commerce Contract
9.a.iii Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Contract
9.a.iv Discover Your NW Contract
9.a.v Skamania County Senior Services Contract Gorge Outrigger Contract
9.a.vii Walkingman Fools Fest Contract
9.a.viii Stevenson Farmers' Market Contract
9.a.ix Stevenson Downtown Association Mainstreet Contract
9.a.x Stevenson Waterfront Music Festival Contract
9.a.xi Stevenson-Carson School District Contract
9.a.xii Skamania County Fair Board Contract
9.a.xiii Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance Contract
9.a.xiv Port of Skamania Contract
9.b.1 Port Contract Amendments Memo
9.b.2 Port Wayfinding Signage Contract Amendment
9.b.3 Port Shoreline Enhancement Contract Amendment
9.c.1 ESCO Contract Presentation
9.c.2 ESCO IAA Contract
9.d.1 Draft SMP Staff Report
9.d.2 Draft SMP
9.d.3 Draft Shoreline Environmental Designation Map
9.d.4 SMP Draft Review Process
9.e.1 Skamania County Incarceration Services 2018 Agreement
9.e.2 Skamania County Prosecuting Attorney Services 2018 Agreement
9.f WAVE Franchise Draft Agreement
9.g Wallis Engineering Contract
9.h School District-Community Pool 2018 Contract
9.i.1 Unclaimed Property Check Documentation
9.i.2 Unclaimed Property Resolution
9.j Draft 2018 Council Appointments
9.l OMI WWTP Management Amendment #3
10.a.1 Nov 2017 Financial Summary
10.a.2 Nov 2017 Revenue Report
10.a.3 Nov 2017 Expenditure Report
10.a.4 Nov 2107 Cash and Investment Report
10.a.5 Nov 2017 Investment Report
10.b Building Permit Report 1999-2017
10.c Nov 2017 Sheriff's Report
10.d Nov 2017 Municipal Court Case FIlings
10.e Nov 13, 2107 Planning Commission Minutes
10.f Nov 2017 Chamber of Commerce Report
01/18/2018January City Council Meetingagendaminutes4.c Resolution 2018-304
4.d Wallis Engineering General Services Contract
4.e Wallis Engineering Development Engineering Services Amendment #2
6.a Final General Sewer Plan Approval
7.a Quarterly Sewer Progress Report
8.a Draft Sewer and Pretreatment Ordinance
8.b.1 Port of Cascade Locks Request for FLAP Letter of Support
8.b.2 Draft FLAP Letter of Support
8.d Annual Appointments
8.e.1 HRA VEBA Memo
8.e.2 HRA VEBA Plan Information
8.e.3 Resolution 2018-305 Authorizing HRA VEBA
8.e.4 HRA VEBA Employer Agreement
8.e.5 HRA VEBA Policy
8.f Brightside Engagement Facilitation Svcs Contract
8.g Use of Force on Dangerous Animal Policy
8.h Online Training Contract-Vivid Learning Systems
Gorgeous Night Out in Olympia
9.b.1 Dec 2017 Cash and Investment Activity
9.b.2 Dec 2017 Financial Summary Report
9.b.3 Dec 2017 Revenue Summary Report
9.b.4 Dec 2017 Expenditure Summary Report
9.c December 2017 Building Permit Report
9.d Dec. 2017 Sheriff's Report
9.e Dec. 2017 Municipal Court Cases Filed Report
9.f Dec 2017 Planning Commission Minutes
9.g Dec 2017 Chamber of Commerce Report
11.1 Dec 2017 13th Month
11.2 Jan 2018
02/08/2018City Council Retreatagenda
02/15/2018February City Council Meetingagendaminutes3.b 2.8.18 Council Retreat Minutes
4.e Resolution 2018-306 Surplussing Equipment
6. Fire Department 2017 Report
7.a 2018 Council Appointments
7.b Training Option for Dangerous Animals
7.c Use of Force on Dangerous Animal Policy
8.a Wallace Engineering Report on GSP Review
8.b Amendment to Port of Skamania Shoreline Enhancement Contract
8.c.i AWC Scholarship Press Release
8.c.ii AWC Scholarship Flyer
8.c.iii AWC Scholarship Application
8.e Ordinance 2018-1117 Wave Franchise Extension
9.a Jan 2018 Sheriff's Report
9.b Jan 2018 Municipal Court Cases Filed
9.c 1.8.18 Planning Commission Minutes
9.d Jan 2018 Chamber of Commerce Report
11 Feb 2018 Check Register
03/15/2018March City Council Meetingagendaminutes6.a Resolution 2018-308 Authorizing CERB Application
6.b.i Proposal to Reduce Marijuana License Buffer
6.b.ii December Planning Commission Report on Marijuana Buffer Zone
6.c Resolution 2018-307 Terminating Mutual Aid Agreement
6.d.i Skamania County Interlocal Agreement-GIS Services
6.d.ii GIS Services Request
6.e Summer Intern - Broadband Project
6.f Personnel Policy-Revised 3.13.18
6.g.i WWTPO I Position Description
6.g.ii WWTPO II Position Description
6.g.iii WWTPO III Position Description
6.h.i Vision Permitting Memo
6.h.ii Vision MS Permitting Software Quote
7.a BOG FLAP Proposal
7.b Timber Value Review
7.c AWC Board of Directors Recruitment
7.d Sidewalk Condition Summary
7.e Feb 2018 Sheriff's Report
7.f Feb 2018 Municipal Court Cases
7.g Feb 2018 Chamber Report
7.h Planning Commission Minutes 2.12.18
9 March 2018 Register
04/19/2018April City Council Meetingagendaminutes5.a.i Proposal to Reduce Marijuana Buffer Zone
5.a.ii Updated Buffering for Measure 502
5.a.iii Draft Regulation
5.a.iv Sheriff Brown Comments
5.a.v Larry & Susan Krug Comments
5.b Use of Force on Threatening Animal Policy
5.c Wave Franchise Ordinance
5.d.i Sewer Plant Update Memo
5.d.i.a Value Planning Scope of Work
5.d.ii Operations Audit Proposal
5.d.iii BOD Testing Scope of Work
5.d.iv I&I Reduction Proposal
5.d.v Technical Memo on I&I Analysis Memo on Alternative Treatment Analysis
6.a.i Pretreatment Ordinance Memo
6.a.ii Pretreatment Ordinance
6.a.iii EDC Letter RE: Pretreatment Ordinance
6.b.i Boundary Line Adjustment Application
6.b.ii BLA Exhibit
6.b.iii BLA Area of Transfer
6.b.iv County Resolution
6.b.v BLA Access Exhibit
6.c Safety Manual
6.d Gordy Medical Memo
6.e DOE Spills Grant
7.a.i Dec 2017 Revenue Summary
7.a.ii Dec 2017 Expenditure Summary
7.a.iii March 2018 Revenue Summary
7.a.iv March 2018 Expenditure Summary
7.d March 2018 Sheriff's Report
7.e March 2018 Municipal Court Cases Report
7.f March 2018 Chamber Report
7.g MCEDD 2018 CEDS Project Ranking
7.h 2018 Cruise Ship Facts
9 April 2018 AP Register
05/17/2018May City Council Meeting
06/21/2018June City Council Meeting
07/19/2018July City Council Meeting
08/09/2018Rescheduled August City Council Meeting
09/20/2018September City Council MeetingagendaCouncil Packet
10/18/2018October City Council Meeting
11/15/2018November City Council Meeting
12/20/2018December City Council Meeting
09/23/2019Downtown Vision Concept Review Workshop