Stevenson’s most recent plan for the improvement of the downtown area occurred in 1991. Clearly our world has changed since then. The Stevenson City Council has acknowledged it must develop a new plan for our urban and commercial core areas and that this plan should include strategies allowing for our sustained economic success.

Beginning in May, 2019 and continuing over a period of ~6 months, the Stevenson community will be asked to contribute to the “Downtown Plan for SUCCESS!”. This effort will focus on the market for development in the area, the transportation system that connects people to the area, parking dynamics once they arrive, and the form of the buildings, streetscapes, and public spaces seen within it. To ensure we get things right, we have contracted with Portland-based planning consultants, Crandall Arambula.

The Scope of Work for this effort involves a progression through 3 steps:

As part of each step, community meetings and interviews with community shareholders will allow the consultant team to gain a more complete perspective of our needs and verify the appropriateness of the future vision and road map.