Planning on Building a New Home in Stevenson?

Are you trying to budget for the City fees related to building a new home?

Want to make sure you have all the required paperwork prior to building?


Apply for a Permit

What approvals are needed to build that new house? Will that backyard summer project require a permit from the City? How does a property owner subdivide land? Can the neighborhood throw a block party in the street?
If you are considering building or developing land in Stevenson, please check the links below or contact the City for more information on what, if any, approvals are needed.


Building Department

  • Building Permits (For roofing, signs, larger structures & decks, taller fences & retaining walls, etc)
  • Floodplain Permits (For development within FEMA-defined floodplains)
  • Grading Permits
  • Mechanical Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Building Change of Occupancy (Use)
  • Go to the Building Department Permitting site
  • Email the Building Department

Planning Department

  • Land Use Permits (For smaller structures & decks, shorter fences & retaining walls, etc)
  • Land Division/Adjustment Permits (For dividing land or adjusting property boundaries)
  • Environmental Permits (For development near the Columbia River, Rock Cove, Rock Creek, hazardous slopes, wetlands, and habitat & stream areas)
  • Conditional Use Permits (For specific, potentially controvertial uses listed in each zone)
  • Others (For annexations, code amendments, plan amendments, etc.)
  • Go to the Planning Department Permitting site
  • Email the Planning Department

Public Works Department

  • Right-of-Way Use Permits (For temporary or long-term activities using City rights-of-way)
  • Hydrant Water Use (For purchasing non-potable water from City hydrants)
  • Water Connection (For connection to the City water system)
  • Sewer Connection (For discharging into the City sewer system)
  • Go to the Public Works Department site
  • Email the Public Works Department

Business Services Department

  • Business Licenses (For conducting business within Stevenson)
  • Peddler’s Licenses (For door-to-door sales within Stevenson’s city limits fingerprinting & background checks are required)
  • Vacation Rental License (For separate living quarters offered for rent or lease for periods less than 30 days.)
  • Go to Business Services Department site
  • Email the Business Services Department