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This phase asks the City to conduct the final balancing act to maintain ecological functions as humans continue to use and modify shoreline areas.  This balancing act must include 1) a restoration plan and implementation strategy, 2) a revised Draft SMP, 3) a revised Cumulative Impacts Report, 4) final Shoreline Jurisdiction Maps and Boundary Descriptions, 4) a report demonstrating No Net Loss will be achieved, and 5) demonstrable proof that these activities have been completed.

Restoration Plan

The Restoration Plan is a voluntary component of the SMP and based on an acknowledgement that mitigation alone is not enough to prevent loss of ecological functions during land development.  The Restoration Plan highlights those activities which improve the ecological functions of shoreline areas, cataloging the efforts undertaken by private property owners and conservation and governmental agencies and focusing them on shoreline areas where they might be most beneficial.

Revised Draft Shoreline Master Program

Based on the initial Cumulative Impacts Analysis and the efforts detailed in the Restoration Plan, the City is expected to perform an iterative review of its Draft SMP to see if any goals, Environment Designations, use & modification policies, or administrative procedures can be changed to ensure the No Net Loss Standard is met.

No Net Loss Report

Concurrently with each revision of the Draft SMP, the Cumulative Impact Analysis will be performed to anticipate impacts from that version.  The No Net Loss report builds on these iterations of the draft Cumulative Impacts Analyses and describes how the individual components of the SMP work together to balance the anticipated impacts of development with appropriate protections, mitigation measures, and restoration projects in a way that achieves the No Net Loss standard from WAC 173-26-186(8).

Final Shoreline Jurisdiction Map and Boundary Descriptions

To ensure clarity during implementation of the SMP, a Final Shoreline Jurisdiction Map will be created and tied to specific written descriptions on the limits of Shoreline Jurisdiction and the divisions between Environmental Designations.  Property owners and City staff will be able to rely on these descriptions to ensure the appropriate use & modification policies are applied to individual projects.

Phase 4 Deliverables

  1. Complete Restoration Plan and Implementation Strategy
    New! pdfPublic Release Draft Shoreline Restoration Plan (February 2018)
  2. Revised Draft SMP
  3. Revised Cumulative Impacts Analysis
  4. Final Shoreline Jurisdiction Maps and Boundary Descriptions
  5. No Net Loss Report
  6. SMP Submittal Checklists: Submitted to Ecology and available at City Hall upon request


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