Active Waterfront

The Columbia River, Rock Cove, and Rock Creek are valuable assets for Stevenson’s property owners, residents and visitors.  To ensure that these assets and others like them throughout the state are managed to accommodate all reasonable and appropriate uses, the State of Washington requires local jurisdictions to adopt a Shoreline Management Program or SMP for short.

Best described as a full suite of analyses, visionary endeavors, and regulations that guide use and development along waterways and waterbodies, Stevenson’s Shoreline Management Program must be completed according to the State’s expectations as established in the Shoreline Management Act (RCW 90.58) and the Shoreline Master Program Guidelines (WAC 173-26).  

The City Planning Commission and the Shoreline Advisory Committee have been asked to develop the draft Shoreline Master Program according to these guidelines. Their Public Release Draft of this program is included in the links below:

These public release drafts fit within the overall planning process as described in the phases on the following pages.

 Shorelines Planning Phases –>