Stevenson Critical Areas Ordinance

The Washington Growth Management Act requires local governments to protect 5 types of “critical areas”:

Stevenson’s critical areas ordinance is a response to that law and helps regulate how the development and use of land in Stevenson can occur without sacrificing the value placed on these areas by the state or hindering the functions these areas perform for our ecosystem.  The current Critical Areas Code (SMC 18.13) was adopted in 2008 and replaced the first critical areas ordinance adopted in 2003.

2017 Review & Amendment Process

Based on state-required timelines, Stevenson is in the process of reviewing and amending the 2008 regulations.  The purpose of this process is to review the regulations for effectiveness and consistency with other state and local analyses and procedures.  As part of that review, the City will propose targeted changes to facilitate both the development of the City and the protection of our people and environmental resources.

Resources for Review & Update

This webpage is intended to collect and present information on critical areas in Stevenson and City actions underway to protect those areas.