Stevenson City Hall

Stevenson operates under a Mayor-Council form of government where the Mayor serves as the head of the executive branch and five council members serve as the legislative branch.  The Mayor and City Council members are elected by the citizens of Stevenson and serve a four year term.  Click HERE to learn more about the members currently serving the citizens of Stevenson.

City Council Meetings

The City Council meets on the third Thursday at 6:00pm in City Hall, 7121 East Loop Road.  Special meetings are published in the Skamania County Pioneer .

With the exception of executive session meetings, Council meetings are open to the public, with opportunity for the public to speak. For all comments and testimony, speakers are asked to limit statements to about three minutes in order to allow as many people as possible the chance to address Council.

Meeting DateNameAgendaMinutesOther Docs
12/21/2017 - UPCOMINGDecember City Council Meetingagenda8.a.1 Ord 2017-1114 2017 Budget Amendment #2
8.b.1 2018 Budget Memo
8.b.2 2018 Budget Summary
8.b.3 Ord 2017-1115 2018 Initial Budget
9.a.1 Tourism Contract Memo
9.a.i Skamania County Contract
9.a.ii Skamania County Chamber of Commerce Contract
9.a.iii Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Contract
9.a.iv Discover Your NW Contract
9.a.v Skamania County Senior Services Contract Gorge Outrigger Contract
9.a.vii Walkingman Fools Fest Contract
9.a.viii Stevenson Farmers' Market Contract
9.a.ix Stevenson Downtown Association Mainstreet Contract
9.a.x Stevenson Waterfront Music Festival Contract
9.a.xi Stevenson-Carson School District Contract
9.a.xii Skamania County Fair Board Contract
9.a.xiii Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance Contract
9.a.xiv Port of Skamania Contract
9.b.1 Port Contract Amendments Memo
9.b.2 Port Wayfinding Signage Contract Amendment
9.b.3 Port Shoreline Enhancement Contract Amendment
9.c.1 ESCO Contract Presentation
9.c.2 ESCO IAA Contract
9.d.1 Draft SMP Staff Report
9.d.2 Draft SMP
9.d.3 Draft Shoreline Environmental Designation Map
9.d.4 SMP Draft Review Process
9.e.1 Skamania County Incarceration Services 2018 Agreement
9.e.2 Skamania County Prosecuting Attorney Services 2018 Agreement
9.g Wallis Engineering Contract
9.i.1 Unclaimed Property Check Documentation
9.i.2 Unclaimed Property Resolution
9.j Draft 2018 Council Appointments
10.c Nov 2017 Sheriff's Report
10.d Nov 2017 Municipal Court Case FIlings
10.e Nov 13, 2107 Planning Commission Minutes
10.f Nov 2017 Chamber of Commerce Report
11/16/2017November City Council Meetingagendaminutes6.A.1 2018 Budget Memo
6.A.2 2018 Proposed Budget
6.B.1 2017 Budget Amendment Detail
6.B.2 2017 Budget Amendment Ordinance
7.A Water and Sewer Connection Charges Ordinance
7.B Low Income Senior Discount Ordinance
7.C Water Rate Ordinance
7.D Sewer Rates Ordinance
7.E Wastewater Moratorium Ordinance
7.F Law Enforcement Agreement Ordinance
8.A.1 Hollstrom Variance Request
8.A.2 Deferral of Improvements Agreement
8.A.3 Road Maint. Agreement
8.B Murraysmith Amendment
8.C TetraTech Amendment
8.E Tourism Funding Awards
8.F Coalition Against Bigger Trucks
8.G 2018 Legislative Agenda
9.A.1 Oct. Financial Summary
9.A.2 Oct. Revenue Report
9.A.3 Oct Expenditure Report
9.B Sheriff's Report
9.C PC Minutes 10.9.17
9.D October Chamber of Commerce Report
9.E Municipal Court Cases-Oct 2017
10/19/2017October City Council Meetingagendaminutes6.A.1 System Development Charges Memo
6.A.2 Sewer Rates Memo
6.A.3 Draft Sewer Ordinance
6.A.4 Water Rates Memo
7.B.1 Hegewald Toll Flyer
7.B.2 Bridge of the Gods Toll Proposal
8.B.1 Kanaka Creek Change Order #1
8.B.2 Kanaka Creek Change Order #2
8.B.3 Kanaka Creek Change Order #3
9.A Health Insurance Memo
9.B Skamania EDC Contract Approval
9.C LGIP Authorizations Resolution
9.D Oversized Parking Examples
9.F.1 2018 Budget Priorities
9.F.2 2018 Pay Schedule
9.G Homeless Memo
9.H Hidden Ridge Pedestrian Pathway
9.I Temporary Employee Memo
10.A.1 Sept. Financial Summary Report
10.A.2 Sept. Revenue Report
10.A.3 Sept. Expenditure Report
10.C.1 Gorge Happiness Calendar
10.C.2 Gorge Happiness Events List
10.D Sept. Sheriff's Report
10.E Sept. Municipal Court Cases
10.G Sept. Chamber of Commerce Activities
12 Oct. AP Check Register

Contact Information

Phone: (509)427-5970

Mail: City of Stevenson, City Council, PO Box 371, Stevenson, WA 98648.

The Calendar of Events has details on City Council meetings and events.

Stevenson City Hall is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Please call ahead (twenty-four (24) hour advanced notice) if you will need special accomodations, including handicap accessibility or interpreter. (509)427-5970 (TDD 1-800-833-6388).