Stevenson City Hall

Stevenson operates under a Mayor-Council form of government where the Mayor serves as the head of the executive branch and five council members serve as the legislative branch.  The Mayor and City Council members are elected by the citizens of Stevenson and serve a four year term.  Click HERE to learn more about the members currently serving the citizens of Stevenson.

City Council Meetings

The City Council meets on the third Thursday at 6:00pm in City Hall, 7121 East Loop Road.  Special meetings are published in the Skamania County Pioneer .

With the exception of executive session meetings, Council meetings are open to the public, with opportunity for the public to speak. For all comments and testimony, speakers are asked to limit statements to about three minutes in order to allow as many people as possible the chance to address Council.

Meeting DateNameAgendaMinutesOther Docs
06/15/2017 - UPCOMINGJune City Council Meeting
05/18/2017 - UPCOMINGMay City Council Meeting
04/20/2017 - UPCOMINGApril City Council Meeting
03/16/2017March City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes February 2017
Public Works Director Overtime Report
CRG NSA Plan Review
Wastewater System Update March 2017
Wastewater System System Compliance Schedule
Nuisance Enforcement Guidelines
Nuisance Complaint Form
Nuisance Complaint Log 2015
Nuisance Complaint Log 2016
Nuisance Complaint Log 2017
Traffic Calming Devices
Eric Hansen Memo 2008
City Council minutes - exempt salary disucsssion
2016 overtime totals
White Collar Exemptions
Personnel Policy Chapter 4
Public Works Director Job Description
Tetra Tech Amendment #1
Utility Worker Job Description (revised)
Utility Worker Job Description revisions
Utililty Worker Employment Agreement
Letter in Support of State-wide Tourism Marketing
Ice Storm Hotwash
Nuisance Complaint 2017-01
Sheriff's Reporrt Feb 2017
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed
Planning Commission Minutes February 2017
February Chamber Report
March AP Check Register and Fund Totals
02/16/2017February City Council MeetingagendaCity Council Minutes 1-26-17
Proposed Ordinance 2017-1103 and Staff Report
2017 Appointments
2017 Tourism Funding Summary
Tourism Funding Contract 2017- CGIC
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Stevenson WiFi
Tourism Funding Contracts 2017 - Exhibit A
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - BOTG Kiteboarding Festival
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Gorge Outrigger Races
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Hoptoberfest
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Senior Services Seasonal Transportation
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Waterfront Music Festival
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - CGRA Championship Regatta
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - East Point Signage
Tourism Funding Contract 2017 - Fools Fest
Berger ABAM Gropper Road Sidewalk Contract
Berger ABAM Utilities Exemption Contract
OMI - CH2M Contract 2017
Wallis Engineering - Public Works Engineering 2017
EMS Preemptive Warning Signs ILA
Wallis Engineering - Development Review Contract 2016
Wallis Engineering - Development Review Contract Extension
H-GAC Interlocal Purchasing Agreement
EDC Luncheon
CGIC Annual Event
Oregon HB 2131 Oil Train Safety
Stand up 4 Teens
Surety & Fidelity Bonds Handbook
Sheriff's Report Jan 2017
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2016
Stevenson Municipal Court Cases Filed 2017
Chamber Report January 2017
February 2017 AP Check Register and Fund Totals

Contact Information

Phone: (509)427-5970

Mail: City of Stevenson, City Council, PO Box 371, Stevenson, WA 98648.

The Calendar of Events has details on City Council meetings and events.

Stevenson City Hall is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Please call ahead (twenty-four (24) hour advanced notice) if you will need special accomodations, including handicap accessibility or interpreter. (509)427-5970 (TDD 1-800-833-6388).