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The Planning Commission consists of five members who must be residents of the city.  The City Council staggers appointment of Planning Commission members on six-year terms and seeks to balance membership by including members with a diversity of viewpoints and interests.  A City Council member serves as an ex officio member and liaison for the group.  The Planning Commission is staffed by Sandy Carlson, Minutes Taker, Carla Cosentino, Planning Commission Secretary and Ben Shumaker, Planning Director.  Current Planning Commission members include:

Planning Commission Members

Member (Position) Appointment Expiration
Scott Anderson (Chair, #1) 1/1/2013 (Originally appointed 6/17/2010) 12/31/2018
Sean VanPelt (#2) 4/18/2013 12/31/2014
Karen Ashley (#3) 1/1/2010 (Originally appointed 5/17/2007) 12/31/2015
Glenn Morris (#4) 9/20/2012 12/31/2015
Paul Hendricks (Vice-Chair, #5) 1/1/2012 (Originally appointed 4/21/2011) 12/31/2017
Robert Muth (City Council Ex Officio) 1/1/2013 (Originally appointed 1/1/2011) 12/31/2013


Contact Information

Phone: (509)427-5970


Mail: City of Stevenson Planning Commission, PO Box 371, Stevenson, WA 98648.

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The Calendar of Events has details on Planning Commission meetings and events.