Who Needs a Business License?

All businesses physically located within the city limits, including those run out of a home, require a business license. The current business license application  is available here (.docx version)  (SMC 5.04 ) Businesses located outside the city limits but doing work inside the city limits also need a business license. *Note: To find out if a location is within the city limits contact the city at 509-427-5970. Non-profit organizations (churches, thrift stores, etc.) do not require a business license. Need additional Information about City of Stevenson Business Licenses? Please email or call 509-427-5970 Business Licenses are not transferable.

  • If you move please notify the city.
  • If you are a new owner please print and complete the application below.
  • If you have sold your business or are moving outside the city limits, please notify the city.

Business Licenses must be displayed on a wall in your business. Your local sales tax code is 3002 and must be included in the appropriate place on the State tax return.

Applications and Fees

  • Use the online Business License form – must be printed and either mailed or delivered with a check to city hall.
  • Download and fill out the .docx version of the request form – must be printed and either mailed or delivered with a check to city hall.

If renewing a business, please completely fill out the form to ensure accurate information for your business is on file. Annual fee: $10* (Make checks payable to the City of Stevenson)  PAY ONLINE (completed application form must accompany payment). *The business license year runs July 1 through June 30.

Vacation Rentals

The requirement that vacation rentals be licensed started in 2016. Property owners wanting to offer a “dwelling unit” for rent or lease for terms less than 30 consecutive days must obtain a Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) number  from the Washington State Department of Revenue and a Vacation Rental License from the City of Stevenson. The complete Vacation Rental Application Packet  is available here. The  fee is $200 per calendar year. Licenses expire on December 31. Applications received after June 30 may be prorated and reduced up to 50%.

New business? Changing building occupancy? Installing new equipment? Need a new sign?

You may need a building permit and/or sign permit. Consult with the building & planning departments about permits you might need.