Who Needs a Business License?

All businesses physically located within the city limits require a Business License .

All businesses located outside the city limits but doing work inside the city limits also need a business license.

All businesses, including those run out of a home, are required to obtain a license.

*Note: To find out if a location is within the city limits contact the city at 509-427-5970.

Any non-profit organization (church, thrift store, office, etc.) with a location within the city limits holding a current IRS 501 (c) (3) does not require a business license.

Need additional Information about City of Stevenson Business Licenses? Please email or call 509-427-5970

Business Licenses are not transferrable.

  • If you move please notify the city.
  • If you are a new owner please print and complete the application below.
  • If you have sold your business or are moving outside the city limits, please notify the city.

Business Licenses must be displayed on a wall in your business.

Your local sales tax code is 3002 and must be included in the appropriate place on the State tax return.

Applications and Fees

Our business license application is a fill-in and print form.   You have a choice to complete the application online and then print, or to print and then complete it by hand.  You may mail in your application or drop it by city hall.

2019-2020 Business License Application  

Annual fee: $10*

*The business license year runs July 1 through June 30.