As of last Friday all of the overhead utility poles that were slated for removal were removed with the exception of one on the west side of Russell in Ash Alley. This pole is supporting another utility pole to the east and it’s removal is being coordinated via Centurylink with a projected removal timeline of “soon”. This week’s lookahead will see more sidewalk cement being poured in Ash Alley and lower Russell. Lower Russell road demolition will begin tomorrow one lane at a time. Ballast/gravel will be in place by the end of the day Friday and both lanes will be open for the weekend. Paving is scheduled for 6/24-6/25. Street lights are scheduled to be installed 6/22-25. Irrigation and landscaping is scheduled for 6/29-30. Items that need to be reworked/repaired (punch list items) will be addressed 6/30-7/2. The three week outlook has 7/2 as a date of completion. Keep your fingers crossed please!


Stay safe,
Karl Russell
City of Stevenson