This week’s progress has consisted of:

•Waterline installation on the east side lane of Russell Street from 1st to Railroad St.
• Forming of sidewalk on east side of Russell between 2nd and 1st.
• Pouring of dark grey portions of sidewalk
• Pouring of Flagstone Brown color portions of the west side of Russell between 1st and 2nd.

Concrete pouring was delayed due to weather this week. Pouring will continue as scheduled next week. Paving between 1st and 2nd Street is delayed until May 13th due to the unavailability of the specified mix needed. Russell Street between 1st and 2nd street will remain closed until paving is done. Our engineers are concerned of possible road base damage if the road was to re-open while awaiting pavement. The west side sidewalk will be completed and open for pedestrian traffic in time for Mother’s Day weekend. The East side sidewalk is open as well but there are voids in the sidewalk where colored concrete will be placed.

Karl Russell
Public Works Director
City of Stevenson