This week’s progress will consist of:

• “Flagstone Brown” colored concrete will be poured by the post office and one spot on the upper west end sidewalk.
• Curb and Sidewalk preparation on south end of Russell Street
• Asphalt preparation 1st to 2nd Street
• C.T.B. treatment Thursday
• Grinding existing asphalt June 2nd and 3rd
• Paving June 4th
•WAVE Broadband still has work to do removing communication lines from the existing utility poles. I have not been given a firm date as to when this will happen but I am hoping it will be very soon.

There have been ongoing discussions about the integrity of the native soil below the prepared road foundation between 1st and 2nd street. The native soil is holding water and causing the road foundation to deflect when driven on by heavy equipment. This was caused by the heavy rains that occurred after the existing road was removed and before the new pavement could be constructed. There is no guarantee that water will not infiltrate the native soil in the future. A decision was made to peel back the top 12″ of ballast and construct a cement treated base (C.T.B.). This will lock in the ballast acting as a road foundation to bridge over the wet native soil. This comes at a cost of $7000.00 but is much less expensive than repairing asphalt at a later date and will allow Russell Avenue paving to proceed so that it may be opened to traffic.

Karl Russell
Public Works Director
City of Stevenson