This week’s construction will consist of:
  •   Sidewalk demolition between 1st Street and Railroad Street.
  •   Hooking up of downspouts to existing storm drainage on the East side of Russell between    First and Second Street.
  •   Catch basin installation in two places.
  •   Curb preparation

Russell Street will continue to be closed between 1st and 2nd Street while the stay at home order is in effect. The road closure is aiding in the expediting of this project with the goal of being “out of the way” when businesses start to reopen and it also provides added safety for both the construction crew and public. Both sides of the street between 1st and 2nd Streets are open for pedestrian traffic. Please keep in mind if you use the area where the sidewalk used to be concrete to be aware of uneven, gravel surfaces.

Stay safe,
Karl Russell
City of Stevenson